A Flight Attendant’s Gone TikTok Viral For A Hotel Hack That’s Perf For Irresponsible Ppl

A flight attendant has gone viral for a bizarre travel hack, but it’s honestly a genius tip if your memory goes to shit on holiday.

After two to three years of panini lockdowns, I finally embarked on my first overseas trip without any parental guidance (yay me) and I must say that I left little breadcrumbs of my existence at almost every hotel in Japan. From a Hello Kitty pyjama top to an asthma inhaler, I discovered I was an irresponsible a forgetful traveller.

Even though I packed the night before check out, I always seemed to leave something behind. And yes, I did have one of those Apple tags, but unfortunately, they can only track one thing at a time.

A flight attendant on Tiktok (@Esthertravels) has gone viral for sharing a bunch of travel tips, but one hack in particular has gone viral, especially amongst those who are forgetful when they travel.

In her video, the flight attendant recommended leaving a shoe in the hotel safe with your valuables.

It’s honestly one of the most simple tips ever, but it’s so fucking genius! The second shoe will force you to double-check your hotel safe before checking out.

Another TikToker named Hope Smith (@thebadmutha) shared that she’s a frequent user of this travel hack.

“Put your shoe in the safe right behind your jewellery so that when it’s time to pack and leave your hotel, you never leave your valuables behind because you will always be looking for that second shoe,” Smith said.

Prior to the shoe hack, Smith admitted to sending her assistant all the way to Italy from the US in order to rescue some of her items that were left behind in a hotel safe. But now, she just uses a shoe to help her remember those objects.

One person, who claimed to be a flight attendant, commented that she uses this exact hack, but instead of putting a shoe in a safe, she chucks it in the fridge.

(Source: TikTok / @thebadmutha)

Another person wrote: “I would end up leaving the valuables + my shoe.”

TikTok has introduced me to a plethora of travel hacks, and I love that flight attendants are the ones who are sharing them.

But this one from @Esthertravels takes the cake ‘cos I’m still crying over my forgotten Hello Kitty top. Definitely bookmarking this tip for my next trip.