A Hack For Securing Cheaper Flights Has Gone Viral On TikTok, Just In Time For Holiday Planning

Hear ye, hear ye, all who be planning their girlies world tours: a hack for finding DISGUSTINGLY cheap Google flights has just gone viral on TikTok and if you aren’t using it you’re missing out.

TikTok user @AroundTheAtlas has blown up, receiving over 4.3 million views online for her discovery of a travel hack that is as simple as the advice from Adam Bandt: “Google it, mate.”

The TikToker posted the wild hack, asking: “Does anyone else know about this? Because I feel like the world is gatekeeping how insane this is.”

In her video she outlines the simple steps it takes to suddenly get offered huge savings on flights.

How to find super cheap flights:

Step 1) Go to Google Flights.

Step 2) Enter your starting location (presumably close to where you live) and select return flight.

Step 3) Select “Anywhere” as your destination.

Step 4) Boom, profit.

It’s actually THAT easy.

@aroundtheatlas how to get super cheap flights!! #travel #cheaptravel #fyp #travelhacks ♬ original sound – Around The Atlas🌍✈️

The TikToker showed how her screen showed flights all around the world, some costing as little as £26 ($49.81 AUD)!

“Did I just unlock a cheat code or did everyone know about this?” she exclaimed in the video.

I, for one, did not know about this cheat code, and will now be using it whenever I can, like I do with all cheat codes because I don’t like playing by the rules.

Using it right now, for a little comparison here are the cheapest international flights offered when selecting Sydney as a starting location.

A return flight to LA for only $1,109? Surely not.

Using the flight to Los Angeles as an example, if I were to search for a flight to LA on Flight Centre the cheapest they offer me now is still about 100 bucks pricier.

SYD to LAX = $1,205. Source: Flight Centre.

The way this hack works is that the Google Flight’s system means that viewers can see the lowest price return tickets to any destination, which can be found by sourcing flights from any time.

Meaning that though the prices are convenient, sometimes the departure and arrival dates are less so.

Again, the cheap as chips Sydney to LA flight that was offered by Google Flights is only if I am willing to depart on November 3rd 2023, and catch THREE different flights to get there.

Oh boy, I can already feel a stress headache coming on from getting through all those airports on time.

So maybe for the cost of a hundred bucks more you could make your trip a far smoother — and less stressful! — one. You are going on a holiday to relax and spend money after all!

Or maybe you’re the kind of person who says that the journey is as good as the destination, and every dollar saved goes toward your next trip.

Regardless, thank you again to TikTok. The eternal giver of wisdom, and divine benefactor of life hacks. Amen.