The New York Times’ List Of GOAT Life Hacks Is Going Viral Again & For Good Bloody Reason

A list of life hacks by the new york times has gone viral on tiktok

New York Times list of the greatest ever life hacks is going viral again thanks to the TikTok algorithm. With 2023 just around the corner, now feels like the perfect time to upskill.

Originally published in June, the article by David Brooks reads like a conversation with a wise grandparent. It’s super comforting content and features no shortage of “oh true!” moments.

TikTok creator Emilie Leyes clearly felt the same and shared a video shouting out a few of her favourite life hacks. The clip has gained nearly half a million views in the 24 hours since it was posted.


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Emilie’s first GOAT life hack is “denying or deflecting a compliment is rude. Accept it with thanks”.

HARD agree*.

When a mate tries to fend off a good-faith compliment I’m always legitimately baffled.

The asterisk is obviously for creepy compliments. We should totally feel within our rights to deflect a compliment from an odd unit in a situation where we don’t feel safe.

But otherwise, if your mate’s gone out of their way to dish out some praise, be proud!

The second piece of GOAT life hack ammunition is “when you have 90 per cent of a large project completed, finishing up the final details will take another 90 per cent.”

Also hard agree.

Maybe it’s the Capricorn in me needing to be as time efficient as possible but this life hack slaps on a spiritual level.

Maybe I might leave this article 90 per cent compl-

Another of Emilie’s picks acknowledges the following lie we tell ourselves when receiving new info “I don’t need to write this down because I will remember it”.

Bullshit detector go vroom. I looove this one.

As a visual learner, I chuck everything in an iPhone note just so I can see it written down on a page. Big recommend.

Last but not least, Emilie’s final fave life hack is “when you’re beginning a writing project, give yourself permission to write badly. You can’t fix it until it’s down on paper”.

Not gonna lie this one feels like another personal attack. This article really came for me.

However, I’d have to agree once again. Sometimes a good old word vomit is the key to creating a word masterpiece. Trust the process, baby.

The full list is free to read on the New York Times website if you’re keen to blitz 2023 using some new knowledge nuggets.