How To Best Optimise Your Woolies Trolley If You, Like Me, Are A Fresh Food Fool

woolies woolworths trolley features hacks

Folks online are losing their grocery bags over a couple of (rather obvious) features on Woolworths trolleys. Some of us just don’t possess the innate trolley knowledge that comes with being a fresh food person, I guess.

Usually we share fire-hot Woolies hacks that nobody knows about, but according to a couple of folks online not everyone knows the full potential of the Woolies trolley.

Who needs secret hacks when basic knowledge is just as surprising?

In a recent TikTok, user @mikhaelapaiges (Mikhaela Paige Sweet) shared that she had no idea the Woolies trolley had its own brake on the wheels. Great news for those of us who hate having to chase after their trolleys that have escaped while we were fishing some brie out of the store fridge.

If Woolies trolleys having brakes on their wheels is news to you, please watch the video below and become enlightened.


UMMMM SINCE WHEN??? I think I’ve been living under a rock for the past 26yrs. #woolworths #australia #shoppingcart #trolley #mindblown #viralvideos

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On top of this, the Woolworths trolleys also have little hooks that you can hang your bags off.

I have to admit I didn’t know this one, and just assumed that those little hook things were a camp little design choice. Real chic, y’know?

Assumedly not many fresh food heauxs did know this, as the “hack” was shared by the official Aussie Woolworths TikTok themselves. Alongside the trolley carts having hooks for bags, Woolies TikTok content coordinator Liam Kirley shared a couple of other bag hacks, and as always I’m shooketh.

“If you forget your bags, you can set a reminder in the Woolworths app to tell you when you arrive at the store to get your bags,” he said in the video.

“There are also these convenient hooks on the trolleys to hang your reusable bags while you shop.”


Wearing the bag is not a hack, btw. #woolies #woolworths #hack

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On top of all this, some Woolies trolleys also have mobile phone holders now, making them the ultimate all-rounder tool for shoppers. Kind of like a Batman utility belt for people who like perusing the frozen aisle in summer (me).

If you need me I’m going to go ride my trolley around my local Woolies like Mario Kart. At least now I know that I can brake. I can also pop in my phone for GPS.