For years they have called us the ‘heads down generation’ for always being on our phones, but when was the last time the Boomers reinvigorated the art of Woolies runs? Exactly. Thanks to some nifty new tech, some Woolworths stores in Melbourne have had shopping trolleys decked out with phone holders and… damn that’s genius.

The handy little phone holding equipment was first brought to the attention of Aussies by TikTok user @zippysquid, who filmed the trolleys inside the Melbourne Square store, which he says has only been open for a couple of weeks.

First off I love the idea, because it allows you to swipe through TikToks mindlessly while buying your four bean mix and carrots. Secondly, I do have to ask how hygienic this plan is, because we all know that our phones can get pretty fkn filthy. Phone holders? In my COVID? It’s more likely than you’d think.


This is at the new Melbourne Square 2 level store. It’s by far the most modern store i’ve been too. Has only been open for a few weeks.

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It’s important to note why exactly Woolies have implemented this cute little phone holder idea in their store. Basically, in a couple of newer stores, folks can scan their items in what is called ‘Scan&Go’, which allows for ease of payment that is contactless and super-efficient.

Given the ‘Scan&Go’ plan that is in action, it would be handy to have a place for your phone while you shop. Dunno about you but this sounds genius and I want it in NSW immediately.

“At Woolworths, we’re always looking at ways to bring new and convenient shopping experiences to our customers,” a spokesperson for Woolies told

“The mobile phone holders were introduced in stores with Scan&Go technology to help customers easily scan products with their smartphone as they walked through the store and paid through the Woolworths App.”

Comments on the TikTok video, however, ranged from admiration to complete disgust.

“That’s great! Need mobile phone holders on trolleys because a lot of shopping lists these days are digital, whether in notes or through apps,” one user wrote.

“That screams COVID,” wrote another.

Personally, I love the idea, and am all here for everything becoming increasingly digital. Now when on Earth can I finally become a cyborg, because I will be first in line.