Have you ever wanted to know how busy your Woolworths is from the comfort of your own home? Well, know that things are starting to open up across the country, this is some valuable information that could alter the fate of your quick duck into the store for a cooked chook.

In case you missed it, Woolies has a TikTok account now where it posts wild hacks and tricks to make your shopping experience ten times better.

It’s a genius idea, especially when the videos are lead by comedian Liam Kirley, who shot to TikTok fame for dropping Woolies hacks from his time working there. Now he’s doing the same thing, but on an official page. Manifest your greater destiny y’know.

He recently dropped self-checkout hacks, which have changed our lives, and now he’s back to let us know that yes, there’s a way to know how busy your Woolies is without even stepping foot outside. Where was this info before?

“Here is a shopping hack to know how busy your local Woolies is at home,” Kirley said in the video.

“So, search up Woolworths Q-Tracker, enter your postcode and it’ll tell you how busy your store is and if there’s any wait.

“The information is provided by the store, whether that’s how many people are in the store, how long it takes them to shop, and queue wait times.”

Sounds too bloody good to be true, right?

Well, you can watch the video below and see for yourself.


Use #Qtracker time-saving next time you shop at #Woolworths

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I was so shook I decided to try it the Woolworths Q-Tracker out for myself, and found a whole bunch of data about my local Woolies, including busiest hours and queue times.

Here are my results below. It’s Woolworths Leichhardt in NSW for anyone curious.

woolworths woolies tracker
Sure it looks empty, but I am not going to Woolies at 7am, thanks.

Now, this feature is actually something relatively new from Woolworths, so don’t kick yourself for heading into the shopping centre at it’s busiest hours in the past.

The tool relies on stores across all of Australia communicating how busy they are, and as with all new technologies, might not always be perfect.

But hey, it’s still bloody fantastic, and I’ll definitely be using it from now on to make sure I can access the pasta aisle without feeling like I’m in line at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

You can check out the Q-Tracker for yourself here.