Woolies Has Shared Self-Checkout Hacks On Its TikTok So We Don’t Look Like Fresh Food Fools

woolworths self-checkout hacks

Hello fresh food people, I am pleased to tell you that Woolworths has an official TikTok account.

And no, the account isn’t here to talk about how cute The Odd Bunch carrots look (even though it should) instead it shares secrets and hacks that will enhance our shopping experience.

The videos are led by comedian Liam Kirley, who rose to internet fame after a series of TikToks from his time working in Woolies, in which he made quirky store announcements and shared the greatest product hacks he came to learn.

Well now he’s the content coordinator for the Woolies TikTok (quite the raise if you ask me) and he’s continuing his favourite activity: sharing hacks and tricks online.

First up is a hack that Kirley guarantees will improve your self-checkout experience. That’s right, no more tripping the alarms and waiting there for someone to assist you as you gawk at the puzzling Woolies check-out technology.

“Do something called a ‘power slide’ — slide them across and the barcodes will scan easier,” Kirley says in the vid.

So fast and efficient slides. Got it. Here I was holding my items up to the scanner like a fool.

Also, there’s apparently a light (I definitely never noticed) at the top of the scanner which glows green when it’s ready to scan a new item??? So when you get impatient that your item isn’t scanning, the machine probs just isn’t ready????

Don’t even get me started on the “heavy and miscellaneous” button that I’ve definitely never used.

@woolworths_auPowerslide your way to a smooth self-checkout ##Woolies ##Woolworths♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

On top of this, you can also apparently press the “Own Bag” button when you’ve got a full bag of groceries to take it off and replace it with an empty bag without freaking the machine out. Genius.

“When customers are in the self-serve checkout and they have filled up a grocery bag, there’s an icon on the bottom left of the home screen that says ‘Own Bag’,” Kirley told News.com.au.

“Just tap, remove the loaded grocery bag, add your new empty bag in the bagging area, and continue checking out.”

Another secret of the Woolies trade that Kirley has shared is how exactly they make their super yum doughnuts.

@woolworths_auYou might be familiar with our delicious strawberry iced doughnuts but have you ever wondered how they’re made? ##Woolies ##Woolworths♬ original sound – Woolworths_au

If you need me I’m going to be at the self-checkout machine, flawlessly scanning my items at record speeds.