Woolies Is Now Selling Bubble Tea Kits So Get Those Delicious Pearls Down Your Gobs

bubble tea kit woolworths

Calling all broke bubble tea fanatics, Woolworths has started selling bubble tea kits in-store and all I can say is get in my bellyyy.

According to Aussie TikToker Brittany Boyle (@brittty.b), Woolworths are selling packs of bubble tea kits by Avalanche, a New Zealand brand best known for their coffee kits. The packs come with five servings and straws, and, yes, delicious pearls.

Priced at $8, they come in a bunch of different flavours, too. The list includes: brown sugar, taro, caramel, mango, strawberry, matcha, peach, and the all-time GOAT, milky. Yum-tf-o, tbh.


PSA for all my bubble tea lovers 😍 #woolworths #musttry #foryou

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Speaking with PEDESTRIAN.TV over Instagram DMs, Boyle said she “got it from Woolworths in Lightsview, Adelaide” and recommends the taro flavour.

“The taro was delicious and the peach was good too,” she told us.

“But I’d definitely recommend using milk instead of water for the milky teas and instead of microwaving the pearls soak them in hot water. [It] tastes so much better that way.”

Yeah, you heathens! Don’t be like the weirdos we just discovered use water instead of milk for their hot Milo. Please, for the love of all things that is holy (including water), love yourself and drink these sweet liquids the right way.

At this point, you’re probably wondering: are these bubble tea kits better than getting the real thing from an actual store? Well, according to someone who’s tried it, they’re not exactly the same but it might be worth it for those late-night cravings.

“It isn’t exactly the same as what you’d get in-store but the taro was extremely close,” Boyle says.

“The peach needed to be a little sweeter but you could always just add some sugar syrup. For the price, I think it was great!”

P.S. If you can’t be bothered going in-store this winter, which is very fair and very valid, you can sign up for this club that delivers bubble tea to your home (no joke).

Anyway, if you excuse us, we’re off to make a quick runner to our local. Y’know, for “work.”