This Aussie Ledge Is Dishing Up Gurner ‘Life Hacks’ For Yr Average Bong Lover

It’s hard to imagine a time before inspirational YouTube ‘life hack’ videos.

We all know the ones.

Maybe you’ve watched a few of them in the wee hours of the morning before swiftly deleting your browser history. Maybe you got your heart broke real bad one time and you spent the next two weeks obsessively watching ‘How To Heal A Broken Heart – Stop Hurting Now’. Maybe that’s just me.

Good hack videos take an issue that’s universally annoying or troublesome, analyse it, deconstruct it, and provide a solution.

Whatever you can think of, we can guarantee there’s a life hack video out there for it, whether it’s wanting to up your productivity at work, improve your diet or remove that pesky stem from strawberries with One Simple Trick That Will Shock You.

In this grossly cluttered self-help environment, it’s hard for a new ‘Tubers to make a dent. No one wants to see yet another video on how to fold a fitted bed sheet in three swift moves.

One bloke taking the life hack genre and putting a decidedly gurner twist on it is 27-year-old Sydney native, Campbell Walker.

You might have seen Walker roaming the web before. He goes by the moniker Struthless, and if you aren’t following his dedicated-piss-take-of-all-things-‘Straya Instagram already, you’re doing it wrong.

Recently, Walker has delved into the hack genre with some fire sure to please the most unapologetic of shit cunts in your life.

First came ‘INSANE COKE BENDER LIFE HACK‘, another minute-long masterpiece that proved it’s actually cheaper to fly yourself to Mexico for the weekend and rack up with Pablo‘s descendants than it is to do so in our fair Sydney:

Next up was ‘How to get FREE ALMONDS‘, a rapid-fire, 49-second explainer on how to dupe the system at Coles and go home with a bag fulla the gud nut. Sure, it’s labour-intensive, but it’s technically legal:

But the video that caught the eye of the nation and ended up as a feature story on Daily Mail (that’s when you know you’ve done a good, bad thing) was ‘How to BEAT THE POKIES‘:

We gave Walker a bell to try and thrust our way inside his freaky geneious brain and figure out how he’s figuring out these top notch hacks.

PTV: How do you come up these hacks? Where do you start?

CW: I’m not too sure… I guess I start with a problem that not many people are having and try find a solution that no one needs. Or I’ll take some statistics and twist them. Some start with DM suggestions, and some just start with a dumb thought and end up down an even dumber rabbit hole.

How long do these creations take?

About an afternoon to research, film and edit. Maybe like 4 hours start to finish.

Have you tried out the almond hack?

Haha, no I have not – and technically I don’t think it works because of how the weight sensors work. But someone tried the pokies hack and it totally worked! So free money does exist!

What was it like to be featured in the Daily Mail?

Funny mostly. It was weird to see my video taken so seriously and turned into clickbait.

Do you reckon Daily Mail knows you’re taking the piss?

I don’t think so. The article they wrote is quite heavy, like I’m this gambling dude who uncovered some big trade secret… nah.

Are you taking the piss?

90% yes, 10% I am that “matrix was a doco” guy after a few drinks.

All the numbers and statistics I’m using are true though, so you know… make up your own mind. Some of them work in the real world, some just theoretically. Either way they’re fun to think about.

We, for one, cannot wait to see what young Struthless concocts next.

Here’s hoping it’s a hack to spontaneously afford a house in Sydney after a decade of avo on toast.