The ingenuity of the TikTok generation has once again proved itself worthy – and responsible for me going “ooh shit, yeah okay” – with one TikToker sharing the way they fold up a tortilla so all the ingredients don’t fall out the ass of it as soon as you pick it up.

Ell Carter got food group chats lit the fuck up after sharing her sneaky little hack in a vid on New Year’s Eve, but because there was simply so much shit happening over the festive season, we’ve only just stumbled across it now everyone’s trying their hand at it.


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Ell’s bloody genius way of folding it all up involves cutting a single slice on the radius of the tortilla, popping the preferred ingredients in each quarter, and then folding it over and over and over until you’ve got a little triangular-shaped pocket of deliciousness.

She then toasts it in a sandwich press (or on a frypan in a pinch), melting the cheese and warming it through so it’s a crunchy, gooey, tasty wedge of yum.

I mean she’s pretty much just making a three-fold quesadilla here but it’s still blown everyone’s minds, and rightfully so because it’s always so fucking annoying when you pick up a wrap or homemade burrito and it all falls out the end.

After Ell’s video smashed out over 6.3 million views, heaps of other people on TikTok have tried their hand at the wrap hack, playing around with different ingredients to see what works and what doesn’t. The end result has been a smorgasbord of videos with varying levels of wrapping success.


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This breakfast wrap legit looks great though.


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Not too sure how I feel about the hot lettuce in this one, hey.


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This TikTok tortilla has corn chips on it, which is a choice. Okay, sure, I’ll give that a red hot go. But not sure how I feel about not only hot lettuce but HOT CUCUMBER.

Ell came back to the trend she kicked off after about a month and backed it up with a sweet version of the wrap hack, this time subbing out a tortilla with a pancake, and stuffing it with dessert trimmings.


Reply to @amandafanta44 this one kinda flopped but tasted amazing ???? #fyp #foryoupage #food

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My god, that hurts my teeth but it looks SO good.

Well, that’s my dinner and dessert sorted, I guess. Or maybe my next hungover breakfast. TikTok tortilla hack, you’ve just saved my future meals and also my clothes.

Image: TikTok / @ellcarter1