Sorry But This TikTok Wine Glass Hack Is Now The Only Acceptable Way To Cut A Birthday Cake

A TikTok hack has just changed the mother-freaking game, revealing a new way to cut a birthday cake and I will NEVER use a knife again.

In the vid, @theroseperiod celebrated her daughter Jules’ 20th birthday with a brilliant TikTok mum hack, where instead of cutting the cake like… uhhh…I don’t know? A normal person. They turned a wine glass upside down and started carving out massive chunks of the cake with the glass.


Happy 20th birthday to my Jules!#twenty#fyp#birthdaycake#wineglasses#tiktokmom

♬ Outro: Happy Birthday – Altered Images

When I watched the video for the first time, I will admit, I was a little bit horrified. But I slowly began opening up to the idea that not only is this an acceptable way to cut cake, but this should be the only way to cut cake.

Think about how many times you’ve cut up cake into dumb little triangles? Then as you’re trying to transfer the slice of cake onto a plate, half of it falls off, then the icing falls off and it’s a hot mess.

That will now be a thing of the past.

If you’re thinking, what if I just want a sliver of cake? Then you don’t have to actually use to whole glass, you can tailor the size to how you want it. It’s a win-win situation.

But alas, with every good food-hack comes the haters.

“Because eff whoever has to clean those glasses,” one commenter wrote.

“Yeah but then you’re eating the cake upside down…I need that frosting distributed evenly,” wrote another hater.

However, the majority of people thought the hack was a great idea.

“Y’all are the smartest ppl I’ve ever seen,” one person said.

“How did I go my whole life without knowing this hack,” @TikTokBeautyDoc wrote

Ok, but this next comment actually called me TF out. I am one of those shameful “just give me a sliver” people.

“Then everyone can take what they want & you don’t have to listen oooo just a sliver for me,” they wrote.

Fuck flying cars. This right here, is the future baby.

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