This American Only Just Discovered Aussie Kmart And Can’t Believe How Bloody Good It Is

Most Australians know that Kmart is like a playground for adults. However, this one American has only now discovered how good it is, and is literally obsessed.

In a viral TikTok by Katie Payne (@itskpayne), she praises Kmart and discovers that it has everything you will ever need.


I’ll never stop being so fascinated with Australia #kmartfinds

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“My absolute favourite store in this fucking country is Kmart. Are you joking? It’s fantastic. The only thing it’s missing is groceries, but there’s a fucking Coles right over there so it’s fine,” she said.

“It has fucking everything, ahh.

“The clothes are spot on, I just got these cute ass shorts, $5 bucks…$5 dollars.

“This is the only shop you’ll ever need, is Kmart. It fucken slaps.”

Payne also couldn’t get over the fact that Coles and Kmart are owned by the same people.

“I also just put two and two together. Coles and Kmart go together, and Big W and Woolworths go together – that’s a mindfuck, I love that. That’s about partnership, that’s about opportunity,” she said.

No, that’s about capitalism sweetie.

In the comment section, one person wrote: “You Don’t go to Kmart with a list. You go to Kmart and let it decide what you need.” Honestly, I couldn’t agree more.

Although, this one in particular had me shook.

Apparently this is common knowledge? But I had no idea. Also, why would it be called Big Woolworths when the actual size of the store is clearly smaller than a Woolworths? I certainly have some questions…

Kmart has become somewhat of a cultural icon in recent years, I mean, the bar was already set pretty low. Rundle Mall Pigeon, anyone? There are also dozens of Kmart groups dedicated to finding the best Kmart deals. It’s like a cult.

People are so obsessed with Kmart, that when it first opened post-Melbourne lockdown, shoppers were lined up around the corner. The retail giant also took bookings, because for some reason a midnight session at Kmart is a thing.

Is there anything better than Kmart? Yes, Americans losing their shit over it.