Young people on TikTok are sharing stories of how they quit their shitty, toxic workplaces on the spot — sometimes with no notice — and while I think that’s freakin’ great, I know certain ~adults~ will disagree.

Nothing brings me more joy in this life than The Youth™ rebelling against ye olde societal rules, so it makes sense that I have now discovered QuitTok. Aka, young people sticking it to their management and quitting toxic workplaces that treat them like shit.

Take this lass, for instance. She shared a story about her manager punishing her for something she’d already been told was okay to do, which is some manipulative bullshit. So, she quit.


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Or this person, who actually showed some initiative in their work and was instantly shot down and humiliated.


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There’s honestly thousands of TikTok videos detailing similar stories of management treating young workers terribly, taking advantage of their availability and fear of losing their new job, and just in general being power-tripped jerks. Refreshingly though, there’s even more videos of young people saying “fuck it” and walking out.

Which to me is *chefs kiss* beautiful. Like watching pigeons balance on building spikes, or flowers grow between the cracks of pavement. A sublime act of resistance, because young people deserve better.


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I know, I know, there are going to be boomer-adjacent adults crawling out of the woodworks and condemning young people for being lazy/narcissistic/shallow/etc for just quitting their jobs instead of doing the more (apparently) mature thing: rolling over and licking their bosses boots while they get stamped on.

But in this self love era? I don’t think so.

It’s not selfish or narcissistic to want to work in an environment where you feel listened to, respected and appreciated. In fact, it should be the bare minimum, and it’s icky that some find that so offensive.

I *wish* I had the confidence to stand up for myself when I was 17 years old, working for a small business, being grossly underpaid and constantly abused by management.

If anything, the teenz out here today quitting their jobs are taking one for the team and forcing workplaces to be better for the next candidates by holding them accountable. It’s actually actively helping the future team, and not selfish at all. Leave things better than you found them, etc.

Sometimes I wonder how older people can be so shitty and bitter when it comes to young people demanding respect, as if this isn’t something we’re actually entitled to by just being human beings.

Maybe it’s misplaced jealousy from grudging admiration. Maybe it’s because jobs used to be more stable and less casualised — so there was more to lose by quitting. Or maybe it’s these people in management positions now that young people are rebelling against.

Either way, @ young people who are quitting their jobs in droves and not giving a fuck about anyone else’s opinions: you’re doing amazing sweetie.