What Luggage Limit? A Viral AF TikTok Shows A Genius Way Of Getting An Extra Bag On Ur Flight

Another day, another travel hack delivered to us on a silver platter (AKA TikTok’s “for you page”). This time, a bloke was filmed mischievously sneaking an extra bag onto his flight and we all get to benefit from this hack because of it.

In a video captioned “when you don’t want to pay for that extra bag”, the man in the blue jacket was past security and getting his ticket scanned by the flight attendant at the gate prior to boarding.

Little did the flight attendant know that my man, whose name I can only assume is Mr Travel Hack III, had another backpack naughtily stowed under the aforementioned blue statement piece.

Not only was this flight attendant dealing with a fashion king but also a bargain king.


#spirit #fyp #foryoupage


It’s travel hack thinking like this that should’ve nabbed this bloke a Nobel Prize nomination for contributions to penny-pinching.

Can we get some proper recognition for street smarts up in here?

Since being uploaded, the travel hack video has shot past the 10 million view mark and received over 600,000 “likes”.

Unsurprisingly, the comments section was awash with viewers airing their positive responses.

Even Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank USA dropped by to let everyone know the idea was worth a penny or two.

Hopefully Barbara is capable of investing a higher number of dollars than the number of “likes” she got on her comment. 43 from a verified account is a work-in-progress effort from her. Do better, queen.

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Wanderlust away, my children.