How To Hack Your Annual Leave To Get Max Days Off Over The Summer Holidays
PEDESTRIAN.TV have teamed up with Queensland to help you seize the summer holidays with these amazing deals.

We did it — we’re basically done with 2022. And if you’re anything like me, you’re absolutely fanging for a break: the silly season can’t come soon enough. And as we’re fast approaching December and January, it’s time to put in those leave requests so you can nab a couple of extra days off — due to where the public holidays sit this year, you can even turn three days of leave into a ten-day holiday.

Here’s how to hack this year’s annual leave. Since Christmas Day falls on a Sunday this year, both Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th will be public holidays — and on the other side, New Year’s Day also falls on a Sunday, meaning we’ll get the 2nd off too. Simply request leave for Wed 28 to Friday 30 Dec, and you’ve got ten uninterrupted days off.

Or… you could even stretch it out further and request that whole first week of 2023 off — that’s 16 days of holidays out of just seven annual leave days!

And what to do with that glorious time off? How about a sojourn to Queensland? There’s currently hundreds of deals to make a picture-perfect stay even more divine, which you can squiz on Queensland’s official site.

How To Hack Your Annual Leave To Get Max Days Off Over The Summer Holidays

For example, you can save $500 on a 13-day air safari across Cape York, the Great Barrier Reef and the outback, score a Hamilton Island getaway on the cheap or luxe out in Cairns with 20% off a stay at Pacific Hotel.

There are also packages available that can mould to how many days you managed to squeeze out of your job. If you’re a bit skint on annual leave, opt for a four-day escape through the Scenic Rim for a bit of soul-searching.

Planning on kicking back for a scooch longer? Take off five days to hit up The Reef Retreat Palm Cove – for $599pp they’ll chuck in accom, a GBR cruise and most importantly, free brekky and a bottle of champers. The point is to get away from the Christmas mayhem and treat your tired little tootsies to a blue body of water. Just pick a place, pack up your life and take a break from it all.

How To Hack Your Annual Leave To Get Max Days Off Over The Summer Holidays

Before you dive into a pristine great Summer escape, here are a few more ways to ensure you’ve secured the time off:

  • Avoid taking unnecessary annual leave days leading up to summer.
  • Book a three-night stay at Mirage Whitsunday Airlie Beach first and apologise later. It’s always easier to apologise and you can say you’ve already spent the $599 on a primo package so there’s no going back.
  • Bank up as much time in lieu as possible by working odd hours or picking up weekend shifts (you can tack on those extra days to your annual leave to extend your trip).
  • Ask your manager well in advance so they’re not taken by surprise.
  • Sweet-talk your coworkers into swapping shifts to even further extend your trip.

The last tip usually works a treat if you offer them literal treats. No one’s gonna shut you down with a mouth full of triple choc muffin.

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