How To Squeeze 62 Days Of Vacay From Just 20 Days Of Annual Leave In The Blessed Year Of 2024

Consider this annual leave hack a very late Christmas gift that got lost in its commute from the factory warehouse to your front door step.

For many of us, 2024 will be a year to be productive, to grow and to achieve our goals. For the rest of us, it will be a year to take as much annual leave as humanly possible.

Well, look no further ‘cos we’ve got the ultimate guide to maximising your days off in the year of our lord 2024.

Consider it a very late Christmas gift that got lost in its commute from the factory warehouse to your front doorstep — better late than never!

With this method, the key is to strategically take your precious 20 days of annual leave around the same time as public holidays, giving you a smattering of mini-vacations throughout the year.

The only caveat is that your workmates might get in and book these dates before you — so you better get in quick! Ya snooze ya lose, bucko.

Alrighty, here we go. On your marks, get set and go (on holiday)!

How to turn 20 days of annual leave into 63 vacation days in 2024

We’ll start with New South Wales as the baseline (which can cop a maximum of 56 days), and make state-specific changes as we go.

Note that we’ll be leaving New Year’s Day weekend (three days total), Australia Day weekend (another three days) and Easter (four days) as it is. No finessing required. 

First up you’re going to want to take four days of leave during ANZAC day week (April 22-26). With a weekend either side, this should net you a delightful nine-day holiday. 

Starting to make sense now?

The next one is chunky so bear with me. This particular bout of finessing occurs in the week following the King’s Birthday holiday. 

In all states except WA and Queensland (which have theirs on Sept 23 and Oct 7 respectively), you’re going to take another 4 days off on the weekdays following Monday June 10, which is the actual holiday. 

You’ll be left with another nine-day sting of do-nothing days. 

Work smarter, not harder, right?

Next up, NSW has a bank holiday on August 5 – nice! Leave that one as is.

Depending on where you live you’ve also got a three-day Labour Day weekend sometime in the mix there — so have a Google in your respective states for that.

For those in NSW you’re gonna want to take the four days off following Monday October 7, to stretch those four days of leave into a nine-day holiday.

Lastly, Christmas and New Year’s Eve (Dec 21 – Jan 5) offer an opportunity to get 16 more days in a row. 

Simply take your leave days starting Monday Dec 23 until Friday Jan 3 to maximise those weekends either side.

Of course, there are variations. 

For example, in Victoria, you can actually cop 58 days instead of 56, due to the inclusion of the Melbourne Cup and Grand Final Public Holidays. 

SA, WA and Tassie can find themselves with 59 days thanks to the Adelaide Cup Day, Western Australia Day, and Hobart Regatta Public Hols respectively.

Incredibly, Canberrans and the Territorians somehow get 62 if they play their cards right.

What a silly country we live in!

Now all that’s left to do is call up your boss and assert dominance by scheduling this absolutely hectic amount of holiday time.

You deserve it.