You Should Absolutely Make Your Next Weekend Away A Tiny House Holiday

Mini holidays and weekenders can end up way more expensive than expected. Basically, what’s the point of heading off on a romantic vacation if you’re not staying in a home that’s way nicer than your own? Well, forget pricey mansions – the new way to get luxe decor for a fraction of the expected costs? Tiny houses.

[jwplayer KpBBVrCj]

The tiny house trend has been going for ages, but now companies are forming that utilise their eco-friendliness and low upkeep to create affordable, stylish holiday pads. There’s Tiny Away, a collection of tiny houses around NSW and VIC. This Braidwood property also features horse-riding opportunities:

The idea is to spend time enjoying the simple things in life, like reading on the sunlit couch – or sharing a bottle of wine with your s.o. on the patio.

Another company working the tiny house thing is Unyoked. Their take is a little different – they have tiny houses scattered around NSW and VIC, too… except you don’t get to know exactly where until you book. Their whole schtick is privacy and disconnecting, with their properties featuring no wifi or reception. Pack your novel and log off for a weekend, you know?

Given we’re all plugged into the internet for most of our days, it should almost be mandatory that anyone under the age of 35 go to a reception-free tiny house for a weekend every few months. So this is one concept we can get behind.

Check out more pics and property info on the Tiny Away and Unyoked websites.