Here’s A Genius 2020 Hack That Turns 20 Days Of Annual Leave Into 43 Days Off

Next year, we’re going to work smarter, not harder, alright? The same logic applies to our 2020 annual leave strategy.

At the beginning of each year, it’s important to check out all the public holiday dates, because, coupled with some cheeky annual leave, you have the chance to score long chunks of vacay time.

Lucky for us, the travel lords at Contiki have figured out how to turn 20 days of annual leave into 43 days of blessed vacay time. Without further ado, here’s the ultimate mastermind’s guide to a holiday-filled 2020.

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Turn 1 Day Of Annual Leave Into 4 (in January)

The Australia Day public holiday lands on Monday 27th, so taking leave on the Friday prior will land you 4 cheeky days off.

Turn 8 Days Of Annual Leave Into 16 (in April)

This one’s a biggie, thanks to Easter weekend. If you take leave on April 6th-9th and then April 14th-17th (these dates surround the Easter weekend) you can get a splendid 16 days off. I envied my workmates who seized the opportunity this year and basked in the glory of a mega-extended Easter break. Don’t be me! Take the leave while you can!

Turn 4 Days Of Annual Leave Into 9 (in June)

The Queen’s birthday lands on Monday 8th next year, so taking the rest of the week off (9th-12th) will score you a 9-day vacay. Surely enough time to sip some margaritas on the beaches of Seminyak. Cheers, Queen.

Turn 7 Days Of Annual Leave Into 14 (in December)

Ah, the blessed Chrissy/New Years break. Keen to thrive thanks to a 14 day break between December 19th-January 1st? Take 7 days off (21st-24th, 29th-31st) and voilà – you’re laughing.

That’s some real 2020 vision if I do say so myself. See you in Prague or on a boat somewhere in the South of France. We deserve it.