A Travel Expert Has Shared A Nifty Flight Hack To Get You And A Mate A Whole Row To Yourselves

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A travel expert has shared a nifty hack to use on your next flight that might just secure a whole row for you and your bestie/lover. Finally, I can create my own love seats for me and the boy so we can hit the skies in luxury. It’s just like the love seats in cinemas, except this time the movie is that annoying kid from the row in front of us that keeps popping his head around and giggling.

TikToker and travel expert Janelle (@janelleonajet) shared the flight hack in a recent video in which she urged folks to “say no to middle seats”.

Most of us were probably already doing that, but apparently, there’s a way to ensure you and your flight buddy don’t have to fight over who’s getting plonked in the middle seat.

“When you’re booking with your partner, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friend, whoever, you’re going to book the aisle and the window seat,” she said.

“No one wants the middle seat, so there’s a chance no one buys the middle seat or gets placed in the middle seat between you and then you have a whole row to yourselves.

“If there’s an aisle seat open, 100 out of 100 times, that person is going to pick the aisle seat over the middle seat.”

So basically you’re utilising the fact that nobody wants the middle seat to your advantage. Highkey genius, if you ask me.


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You might be wondering though, what if someone lands in the middle seat and the hack fails? Well, you can make all outcomes work for you.

“Let’s say they do seat someone in your middle seat. You have the option to trade with them because absolutely no one wants to sit in the middle seat.

“You could offer to trade for your aisle or window seats. They will say yes and then you can still sit next to each other.”

So either you get a whole row for you and your flight partner or you end up sitting next to them anyway. Win, win, minus the whole fact that now one of you is in the middle seat.

Some comments on the TikTok vid were a bit sceptical of the hack, while others thought it was the smartest thing since hundreds and thousands.

“Took eight flights since July and did this. Didn’t work. Years ago it used to work,” wrote one commenter.

“My husband was in between two people that did that, but neither offered to move. He got to sit in the middle of their conversation the whole flight,” wrote another.

“Great advice. You’re rolling the dice on a better outcome and if it falls through, nothing lost,” wrote a third.

Every time I’ve flown anywhere every single seat seems to be full. You could be flying to the NT on a weekday at like 7am and the flight will still be packed. Maybe it’s just a post-flight ban thing, but I don’t see how there’ll be free seats lying around for us anytime soon.