A TikToker Who Went To School With Taylor Swift Has Dished The BTS Tea On What She Was Like

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It’s probably the wish of many a young woman/aging millenial to have gone to high school with Taylor Swift. I mean, how else can one secure a position as her lifelong friend? Well, this TikToker actually did go to school with T. Swizzle, and has revealed what young T. Swizzle was really like.

TikToker Jessica McLane (@jessicamclane) revealed she went to Hendersonville High School in Tennessee, the same high school Taylor Swift went to. According to her, they were there at the same time but she was just two years below Taylor.

“We grew up in the same town,” said McLane.

“In 2006, I’m a freshman in high school. Taylor is I think a junior. ‘Teardrops on my Guitar’ had just come out I think over the summer.

“Obviously, she got really big, and that’s the year that she left school and got homeschooled.”

McLane says Swift even invited her and entire her grade to the Country Music Awards when they were in their final yea. Swift’s own cohort was already graduated at that point, which would explain why she didn’t just invite them instead.


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According to McLane, as soon as Swift became famous all of her peers were extremely jealous of her. I mean, it was Tennessee and everyone wanted to be a superstar country singer — can you blame them?

“When she first started becoming super successful most people hated her.

“She’s literally 16-17 leaving high school to pursue a career people are telling her she could never have.

“There were not a lot of people in high school who had nice things to say about her.

“Back then she didn’t have as good as control of her voice as she does now. There were a lot of people… who were vocally a lot better, but they weren’t Taylor Swift.”

McLane also said it was fun watching all the guys Taylor dated in high school have songs written about them. Imagine going through your final years of schooling and everyone is singing along to songs about you breaking hearts? Kind of iconic.


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And just in case you don’t believe McLane’s story, she pulled out the old yearbook to prove her point.


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♬ original sound – Jessica McLane

I’m just waiting for someone from my highschool to become famous so I can make my own claim-to-fame TikTok. Considering how I went to an all-boys school in western Sydney though one of them will probably become a drill rapper, and I’m at peace with that.