This Cheap Qantas Hack Might Give You Bootleg Business Seats In Economy

If we put America‘s political landscape aside, the single worst thing about travelling to the United States is how bloody far away it is. Punters who want to scope the place out should expect to spend at least 14 hours inside an airborne aluminium tube. It’s not ideal.

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However, some Qantas travellers claim to have discovered a cheeky travel hack which promises to massively improve your in-flight experience, without you blowing thousands on a First Class seat.

A 2016 thread on the Australian Frequent Flyers forum alleges that passengers flying from Dallas Fort Worth to Sydney on QF8 – Qantas’s second-longest non-stop flight – can purchase entire ‘comfort rows’ in Economy for a fraction of the cost of a regular seat upgrade.

You, basically.

The claim goes like this: seeing as the QF8 route is ridiculously long, Qantas intentionally leaves banks of seats unsold in Economy to cut down on the flight’s weight.

Depending on availability, passengers can allegedly purchase these empty seats at the check-in counter or at the gate. It’s claimed you can secure an entire row for as little as $250 on top of the cost of your original ticket, enabling you to lie fully flat across a number of seats. That’s a Business Class benefit without the price tag, baby.

Forum users claim this offer is only offered on the Dallas-Sydney route, and cannot be pre-purchased online or on the phone. The deal is also separate from Qantas’ regular cut-price comfort seats, which can be bought beforehand and assure travellers a vacant seat adjacent their original seat purchase.

PEDESTRIAN.TV has reached out to Qantas for confirmation on the offer. The airline has also been asked if the so-called ‘comfort rows’ are available on any other flight, particularly the new non-stop PerthLondon route. That would be baller as hell.