A Tech Genius (Not The Optus Hacker) Gifted Us This Tip To Tell If Ur Flight’s Gonna Be Canned

If you’ve personally been victimised by flight cancellations, delays and general bad airport vibes this year, the Facebook group named “Why We Hate Jetstar” has a website recommendation hack for you.

On Monday, passionate group member Charlie Sun chucked up a detailed post about his recent Jetstar nightmare.

He found that the flight he originally booked had been “DELAYED MORE THAN 10 HOURS EVERYDAY SINCE AUGUST”. As a side-note, he wrote that part in caps so I’ve left it unchanged. Kinda adds to the frustration vibe, don’t you reckon?

He then recommended a website called FlightRadar24 which tracks historical flight data.

We had sticky-beak and the website looks like godsend for those wishing to suss if the flight they’re grabbing tickets for, has a history of getting canned at the last minute.

What you’re gonna wanna do is click on the “data’ section of the website and plug in your flight number.

It can be for any airline, as long as you don’t leave a space between any of the characters.

For example, I’ll chuck in my hypothetical Jetstar flight code JQ764 from Sydney to Adelaide.

You know it’s hypothetical because why would you go to Adelaide? Furthermore, why would you already be in Sydney? Gross and gross.

Then, I’ll hit “enter” and boom, I can magically see exactly how cooked the past seven days have been for my absolute messy binch of a flight. A very nifty hack!

Screenshot: FlightRadar24

As you can see, the past week has been a lil’ bumpy for JQ764.

Compare this to a random Emirates flight I picked, EK409 from Melbourne to Dubai.

Screenshot: FlightRadar24

LOTS of green, baby!

What a learning experience. Now I possess the most important thing of all — knowledge.

The website does offer even more detailed information that reaches further beyond the seven day mark.

However, as you may have guessed, you’ll have to fork out some hard-earned cash for it.

Go forth and book with (a little bit more) confidence, brave traveller!

Ever since Australia fully opened its borders to near pre-panny-d levels of air travel, trying to get from point A to point B on time has been an absolute headache.

Just last week, wild weather caused over 80 flights to be cancelled. EIGHTY FLIGHTS!

That’s a lot of pissed off travellers to contend with.

However, there is a small silver lining in this great big mess we are currently faced with.

In fabulous news for anyone who has ever been traumatised by their seat neighbour on an aeroplane, Qantas is now letting you buy the seat next to you for just $30 on short flights. Another fab hack!

Now I won’t have to seat next to that giant animated dog that keeps dressing up as a grandma. Lookin’ at you, Scooby-Doo.