Thousands Of Pissed-Off Travellers Stranded At Sydney Airport After Over 80 Flights Were Canned

Sydney airport

It’s been a minute since Sydney Airport was thrown into abject chaos, but all is right with the world again as wild weather caused over 80 flights to be cancelled on Thursday. EIGHTY FLIGHTS. That’s a lot of pissed off travellers to contend with.

Given plenty of folks were taking advantage of the public holiday to do some travelling — not to mention the start of the school holidays — the airport was fkn packed with people on Thursday.

But due to strong winds, rain and general bad weather in the NSW capital, more and more flights disappeared off the departures board.

According to a spokesperson for Sydney Airport, some of the flights were cancelled overnight. “In anticipation of bad weather today, domestic airlines advised overnight that some services would be affected,” a spokesperson told News Corp.

“Passengers are advised to check with their airline regarding the status of their flight.”

Look, it may be the Virgo in me, but I always check my flight status (compulsively, those close to me might say) before I even leave my house for the airport. That’s just anxious Earth sign 101.

Airlines have advised that anyone planning to travel in the next 24 hours from Sydney Airport check their flight statuses — because as we’ve gleaned from some cooked horror stories, airlines don’t always let you know when your flight is cancelled or delayed.

Meanwhile there were some absolute scenes at Sydney Airport, as you can imagine. From lines snaking well out the door, signs covered in “cancelled” notices, a huge queue of hundreds of cars banked up on the airport road and of course disgruntled senior citizens speaking to camera, this 9News report had it all.

There was also this incredible tweet from a pissed-off punter. Absolutely nailed it, imo.

It’s believed thousands of travellers at Sydney Airport have been affected by the cancellations. Not a great start to what was supposed to be a nice, relaxing break.

Never have I been so glad to be stuck at work on a public holiday. The schadenfreude is real, people.