Flight Attendants Have Shared The Passenger Antics That Piss ‘Em Off So Upgrade Your Behaviour

While hopping on a plane often marks the beginning of an epic holiday, for cabin crew, it usually means an hours-long battle with passengers, with one flight attendant revealing the chaos often starts before the plane has even taken off.

Chris Kellum, a flight attendant for budget US airline JetBlue, detailed the no-nos that immediately put travellers offside with staff in a recently resurfaced TikTok.

In the clip titled “Things that annoy flight attendants”, the crew member explained that passengers who don’t properly stow their luggage are, essentially, the bane of his existence.

“If you place a larger bag in the overhead bin, we ask that you make sure it closes before you take your seat,” Chris said over the plane’s intercom system.

A fellow flight attendant reenacted the “annoying” faux pas by wedging a suitcase into an overhead compartment. However, half of it was left hanging out of the locker.

“Ma’am is this your bag in the overhead bin?” Chris questioned, as the “passenger” pretended not to know what he was talking about.

“The overhead bin is not closing, so unfortunately it doesn’t fit and we’re gonna have to check your bag in,” Chris explained.

Then, the “passenger” imitated an excuse that seems all too familiar to flight attendants: “But the bag fit last time…”

Ya-huh. Sure, Jan.

In short: if ya bag don’t fit in the overhead compartment, it’s gotta be checked in. Nobody wants to cop a hefty suitcase to the head as soon as they hit a ‘lil turbulence.

According to other flight attendants, passenger carry-on restrictions also lend to staff safety.

Jamela Hardwick told Insider that cabin crew “do not get paid until the boarding door is closed”.

“If we get hurt while putting that bag in the overhead bin, we do not get to write it off as an on-job injury.”

While flight attendants not getting paid until wheels-up is an issue in itself, it’s fair to say that ensuring you have the correct-sized carry-on luggage is the least you can do ahead of your flight.

From passengers chundering all flight long to others straight-up opening emergency exits midair, cabin crew already have enough to deal with.