A TikToker’s Gone Viral For Taking On Jetstar’s Pissy Baggage Limits By Wearing 6kg Of Clothes

A woman has worn six kilograms worth of clothes in an effort to avoid excess baggage fees, and I’d like to formally start a petition for her to be our head of state, thanks.

The Aussie teen, Adriana Ocampo, was travelling from Melbourne to Adelaide and realised that her luggage weighed twice as much as the allowed weight.

So rather than paying Jetstar‘s shitty $65 fine for exceeding weight restrictions for carry-on luggage, she did the completely logical thing and popped on almost six kilos worth of clothing.

Icon behaviour, honestly.

In the TikTok video, Adriana and her friend can be seen wearing their whole damn wardrobe while the airport looked on.


And to add to this they cancelled the flight we had before this one

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“They said the fine was $65 and we didn’t feel like spending $65 so we went back and put more clothes on,” she told South West News Service.

“When we went to board, we saw them pulling out a trolley with a scale.

“We thought the only way we can take the weight off our bags is if we put it on ourselves so we started putting on our jackets and coats but we were still over the limit.”

It’s a classic move and a rite of passage for travellers, really.

“I looked like a bear. I’m small and petite and I looked the complete opposite. It reminded me of the boy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

While many of us will often opt to pop on one or two of our heaviest jackets or jumpers in an attempt to lighten our weight limit, Adriana took it to the extreme, stuffing t-shirts and even a fkn iPad into her baggy pants.

I’m dying.

“As well as layers of jackets and jumpers, I had baggy trousers on and I was stuffing t-shirts and my iPad in them. I had about six layers on and stuff in my pockets,” she explained.

“I only had a couple of things left in my luggage like two pairs of shoes, a bag, a pair of jeans and a couple of socks. We went over again and were the only people at the gate.”

Unfortunately, despite the genius move and getting her baggage weight to under seven kilograms, Adriana and her mate still had to cop the $65 fine. EXCUSE ME???

“Everyone in line was staring at us and laughing at us, it was kind of embarrassing,” she said. “People were annoyed that we were holding the plane up.”

The TikTok video of the ordeal has already copped 1.4 million views, prompting Jetstar to even make a comment.

“While we certainly see the funny side, we have limits to carry-on to make it fair for everyone,” a Jetstar spokesperson said.

“Keeping track of how much baggage passengers bring on board means everyone has room for their belongings and we’re meeting our safety requirements.”