Another Baggage Handler Has Divulged More Tea On Why Luggage Is Going Missing Across Aus RN

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Buckle up buddies, because a second baggage handler has decided to spill the tea on why our airport luggage keeps going missing. I never would have guessed that baggage handlers were so full of hot goss, but here we are.

An anonymous Swissport staffer in Brisbane (the company that deals with baggage for Qantas, Jetstar, Air NZ, Singapore Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines) revealed to what the hell is going on with our airport luggage last week.

Now, a second Swissport staffer (this time from Sydney) has come forward, and they’re claiming that if you go through Qantas, expect your bags to be left behind.

The staffer spoke anonymously with Guardian Australia. They said there’s a rapid increase in baggage in recent months now that folks can travel again, but baggage handlers are “overworked” and “poorly paid”.

Essentially, there are apparently too few hands to deal with the work demands, and those who are available to put in the work are being treated like shit and not getting paid what they should.

“The young people coming into these roles, they’re getting yelled at, they’re getting paid poorly, and now they’re saying ‘you know what, bugger this, I’m going to work in a cafe because I get paid as much or more than I do here and don’t have the stress’,” the staffer said.

“And those who got sacked during the pandemic are saying they don’t want to go back to the industry that shut on them overnight. So we’ve got this huge void of experience.”

According to the staffer, roughly 100 trolleys of luggage (each trolley carries around 30-40 bags) are moved onto Qantas planes in a single day. However, due to skeleton staff feeling the strains, around 10 of these trolleys will remain in airports.

“There’s just still not enough of us there to get to all the bags,” the staffer said.

“I would tell everyone, don’t check in bags when you fly with Qantas right now, or even better if you can avoid it, don’t fly Qantas at all.”

Swissport is reportedly offering Sydney airport baggage handlers a $50 a day bonus if they simply turn up to their shifts. Yeah, that’s how preposterously fucked the situation is right now.

“Swissport is offering anything except permanent wage increases,” the staffer said.

Stay safe in the skies, my friends. May your travels be well and your bags be by your side at all times.