It Looks Like All Of Sydney Is Trying To Escape The Rain ‘Cos Airport Scenes Are Borked (Again)

Sydney Airport is once again reporting some chaotic scenes as virtually everyone in the city tries to escape for the school holidays. Big mood, but my travel anxiety is spiking.

There’s been consistent reports of chaotic airport scenes over multiple holiday periods this year.

Now surprise surprise, the start of school holidays means more cursed airport queues.

A number of people tweeted about the chaos across multiple airlines on Friday and Saturday.

@themihakamihaka Crazy girl #sydneyairport ♬ original sound – Mihaka mihaka

Back over the Easter long weekend, scenes showed similar chaotic queues and long waiting times.

At the time, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce blamed passengers for the delays, saying they weren’t “match fit” for travel.

“I went through the airport on Wednesday and people forget they need to take out their laptops and they need to take out their aerosols,” he said in a press conference.

“So that is taking longer to get through the queue.”

That was despite the fact three of the eight security lanes in Terminal Two were reportedly shut at the time. I dunno, maybe that would have contributed just a little bit?

Then over the June long weekend, scenes were equally cooked at both Melbourne and Sydney airports.

Now for the July school holiday period around 350,000 people were expected to be heading to the domestic and international terminals between Friday and Monday, according to The Daily Telegraph.

Great! Cool! That’s a lot of people!

A spokesperson for the airport told the publication that “the advice is to get there early”.

“All things considered, it is all moving quite smoothly,” they said. 

TBF that’s an absolute bucketload of people. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of folks headed to Sydney Airport pls remember how chaotic it is for workers too.

Part of the issue is staff shortages at the airport. A spokesperson told The Sydney Morning Herald there was a “job shortage of about 5000 roles”.

And I truly can’t think of anything worse than dealing with a bunch of people whose planes just got cancelled.

According to The SMH, passengers travelling domestically are being told to get to the airport around two hours before their flights. If you’re travelling internationally the recommendation is around three hours.

It most likely doesn’t help that Sydney is experiencing torrential rain. Every! Fkn! Time!

There are currently flood warnings across NSW, with Sydney and the Illawarra potentially experiencing a month’s worth of rain on Saturday.

You can see why we all want to escape, can’t you? It’s incredibly on-brand for Sydney to open up the heavens and get completely drenched in the first weekend of school holidays.

If you’re one of the lucky people who managed to get their passports, make it to the airport amid the rain and check into your flight with no hassle: congratulations.

And if not, godspeed and good luck my holidaying friends.