A woman has claimed she was taken off a plane to be interrogated about her eczema after staff believed she had monkeypox.

TikToker @jacqueline.ngu said she was “humiliated” when staff escorted her and her wife off a Spirit Airlines flight in the U.S. and demanded she proved she had a skin condition.

She said the staff asked her to produce medical documentation to confirm that her visible condition was eczema and not a viral disease.

“They had me get off the plane in front of everyone along with my wife to interrogate me about the eczema I’ve had my whole life,” she said.

“They asked me to provide medical documents and told my wife to watch her attitude.”


misinformation leads to discrimnation/hostility. everyone with a visible non-contagious skin condition has been anticipating this #monkeypox#eczema

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Jacqueline said she and her wife were later allowed back onto the flight after being pulled from the plane, interrogated and embarrassed. She said she thankfully had some prescription cream with her. It was enough proof for the airline to allow them to return to their seats.

“As we walked down the place again, a flight attendant was walking down the aisle,” she wrote.

“When she saw me she promptly turned around and walked the other way. Not even looking at me as if eye contact would spread it.”

Jacqueline also acknowledged that she was very lucky to have a tube of her eczema cream with her and not everyone who has been subjected to the same discrimination has been so fortunate.


#duet with @jacqueline.ngu i’m very lucky i happened to bring my eczema cream that day, but we shouldn’t have to tote around evidence #monkeypox#eczema

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People with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and cystic acne have shared their anger and disappointment in the comments while others have slammed the airline for its conduct.

“I have psoriasis… the idea of this happening in an airport… how would you suddenly provide documentation?? Like no one carries that,” one person replied.

“People used to bully me thinking my eczema was contagious and I’m terrified it’s gonna happen again,” another commented.

Spirit Airlines is yet to make a statement but it seems it may not exist for much longer anyway.

Image: TikTok / @jacqueline.ngu