A TikToker Shared Her Tinder Match’s Date Questionnaire & The Internet Is Divided AF About It

We all know online dating can be a bloody minefield. But the internet is aflame with debate about the merits of the controversial Tinder questionnaire. Personally? I can’t decide if I love it or hate it.

The debate was brought back into the fore by a vintage clothing TikToker called Elizabeth Rowlands aka @rumourhasitvintage. She got sent a full on questionnaire by a guy on Tinder.

In the video, the guy messages her with no pre-amble. He simply sends over a Google form. Honestly if you’re expecting someone to do the labour of filling in a survey at least send a “hello” first. Or maybe go the corporate route and offer a $50 giftcard.

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The questions in this particular survey are a mix of boring (“tell me about your job” and “how tall are you”) and pretty niche.

Personally, I appreciated the question about which Lord of the Rings movie is the best. That’s essential knowledge and obviously we all know it’s Fellowship of the Ring.

Another question asked “what’s your favourite Justin Beiber song and why isn’t it ‘Sorry’?”. I’d have exited the survey right there because “What Do You Mean?” remains undefeated.

Perhaps the most baffling question was “what is the blockchain?”. Either this guy is really into crypto or genuinely confused. That’s a pretty big risk to take.

Ultimately it’s a bloody long survey and TikTok was pretty divided about the whole thing. Someone commented to say they’d seen other versions of the Tinder survey trend be funny or cute, but this one wasn’t.

“100 per cent he’s just trying to find out what blockchain is without having to admit he doesn’t know,” another user commented. Honestly that sounds like something I’d do.

One commentor criticised the lack of communication before the survey drop.

“No intro, no hello, just the link… and the form is way too long!” they wrote.

“Some can be cute but not this.”

But others were into the concept. One user commented that they appreciated the effort.

“I’m so sorry but this is hilarious and exactly my sense of humour,” said another.

Alas, it didn’t work out. In the comments Elizabeth revealed that when she messaged him back, the guy just replied with a shrug emoji. Deeply disappointing. Plus her response was fkn funny!

“It is you who should be filling out an application to speak with me, sir,” she wrote.

If your only response to that is a shrug emoji then no questionnaire can help you.

But it’s not the first time a Tinder questionnaire has popped up. In fact, it’s a pretty long-standing dating tool. A quick scroll through the Internet shows folks have been using Survey Monkey and Google Forms to suss out their matches for years.


Undoubtedly the Tinder survey will live on, poking controversy wherever it rears its head. And look I like a bit of a data analysis as much as the next gal. I can see some of the appeal of collecting people’s answers.

Plus it’s a good way to suss out someone’s sense of humour and interests. But you could just as easily do that by actually, y’know, going on a date with them.

While it’s nice to date someone with similar interests to you, having a prescribed notion of who you want your partner to be doesn’t really work in real life. At the end of the day there’s no questionnaire for chemistry. Even if you do have the same fave Lord of the Rings movie.