Move Over, Red: The Humble Yet Dull Beige Flag Is The Hot New Dating Term Taking TikTok By Storm

TikTok screenshot of a girl walking with text overlaid that reads "My beige flag is that my boyfriend safety pins his socks together in his drawer and laundry. They only come unpinned when he wears them. He's never lost a sock" and penguin from Madagascar taking notes on notepad

TikTok has spawned yet another dating term because nothing is sacred and human beings can no longer exist without their mundane behaviours becoming trends. Case in point, the beige flag.

That’s right, folks: there’s yet another flag to contend with. To quote the Black Eyed Peas, the beige flag is so 3008 and green and red flags are so 2000 and late.

Now, the idea of beige flags is hardly new. The term started picking up steam on TikTok back in May 2022, when self-proclaimed CEO of beige flags Caitlin MacPhail said they were signs on dating app profiles that the person behind said profile was boring as batshit. Beige flags aren’t overly offensive, but if folks describe themselves as “golden retrievers” or want to know whether you prefer the British or American version of The Office, then they’re just … beige. Nothing more, nothing less.

The term has since evolved, and is now used to describe the random little quirks your partner has which make you stop for a minute and go: “Hmm!” before you simply move on with your life. They’re not super-duper positive traits, nor do they send alarm bells ringing. They’re idiosyncrasies that simply exist.

The #beigeflags hashtag has a stonking 7.3 million views on TikTok, with loads of folks sharing the beige flags that make them pause momentarily.



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I could make series on this #beigeflags

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Ever since I saw the the new and improved definition of beige flags, I’ve been thinking long and hard about what *my* silly quirks are. I’ve decided that the fact I say “yum yum piggy bum” whenever I see a plate of food that looks delicious is one of them, as is my obsession with Ireland. I love that place like weebs adore Japan; Normal People is my Naruto, beef stew is my pocky and Guinness is my bubble tea.

If you need me I’ll be updating my Hinge profile to see if any men have lukewarm feelings about such beige flags.