Introducing The Triangle Method, A Flirting Technique That’s Sending TikTok Into A Toey Tizzy

TikTok screenshots illustrating how to do the triangle method flirting technique

Babe, wake up! There’s a flirting technique called the triangle method which is sending TikTokers into a titillated tizzy!

Now, the triangle method is hardly new. It even has its own entry on Know Your Meme, which means it’s officially entered internet canon.

But much like adidas Sambas and big ol’ blowouts, the flirting technique is currently having its time in the sun again. And by that, I mean the hashtag #trianglemethod has amassed more than 41 million views on TikTok.

The triangle method relies on v. deliberate eye contact which, when done correctly, is meant to make people go hog wild with raw, uninhibited passion. Sign me up!

TikToker Valeria Romero (@valeriafune) showed people how they can do the technique, but warned it *can* make folks fall in love with you. Once again, put my name down for a slice of that.

“Let’s say that you’re having a conversation with a person — what you want to do, first, is to be having eye contact with them,” she said.

“Then you’re going to look at their right eye, then to their mouth, then to their left eye … you’re forming like a triangle.

“Or, you can do the same but just looking at their right eye, then left, then their mouth.”

She said she whipped out the triangle method on a date once and claimed the bloke fell in love with her then and there.

Do I have questions? Yes. Am I sceptical? Also yes. But am I intrigued? You bet your bottom dollar I am.


Should i made a yt video about it? #trianglemethod #manifestinghimback #manifestingsp #manifestingspecificperson #makehimobsessed #manifestingadvice

♬ Oblivion – Grimes

Some TikTokers reckon they’ve fallen victim to the sultry ways of the triangle method, while others claim it can get you out of the friendzone or even turn you into a stuttering, awkward mess.


Gives me butterflies every time #iykyk #trianglemethod #love #charlesthegr8

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my grandma called me in the middle of filming 😭

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i be stuttering and everything too #trianglemethod #foru

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Friendzone? Completed it mate. #trianglemethod #fortheboys #relatable #datingadvice

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All I know is I cannot wait to go all triangle method on my next Hinge date. If that man isn’t eating putty out of my hand, I’ll be demanding a refund.