If Ur Looking For A Green Flag In Men, TikTok Reckons You Should Take A Look At Their Sports Teams

a woman on tiktok has shared her green flags in men

In this week’s edition of “totally untested TikTok social theories that somehow still pass the vibe check”, an American woman has dropped one of her most underrated green flags in men and it’s an absolute doozy. The video has already clocked over 7.2 million views.

Creator Caitlin Erin O’Neill proceeded to spit nothing but the facts in this 22-second clip that psychoanalysed a bloke’s support for his favourite sports team.


since y’all liked the red and green flag video yesterday.. do you want more?

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“Bro, this is the most underrated green flag in men and you know I’m right,” Caitlin began.

“If his basketball team, football team, hockey team, whatever he likes is awful, loses every game.

“[The team] hasn’t been to the playoffs in years, just sucks and he’s still ride or die for this team, he is loyal, he is passionate.

“Even when things get hard he won’t leave you. Like, what a green flag.”

Not gonna lie. I don’t hate it.

The comments section also didn’t hate it with many voicing their support for their respective shitty sports teams and in doing so, were perhaps trying to wave their own green flags.

“Detroit fans rise up,” wrote one.

“Where the Cowboys fans at?” penned another.

One bloke who was clearly referencing the AFL team St Kilda wrote “St Kilda tan” but instead of “fan”, instead wrote “tan”.

Clearly the trauma of being a St Kilda die-hard your entire life has knock-on effects on your spelling and grammar.

Poor fella.

Zooming out a bit though, Caitlin’s theory did make a good dollop of sense.

If your man’s crap sports team has taught him how to deal with things not going his way, perhaps he’ll be better adjusted to the ups and downs of couple life.

He doesn’t get to pick the restaurant for dinner? All good, cos his sports team sucks and he’s used to losing.

You hog the doona in bed at night and he gets barely any of it? Fine, cos his sports team are on a five-game losing streak and he has bigger issues to think about.

Real basic, bare minimum-type stuff. At a stretch, yes, a green flag.

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