A TikToker Has Dropped A Brain-Breaking Theory On When Men Get Married & I’m Still Recovering

men getting married

A TikToker has left brains splintered across the internet after sharing a theory regarding when men choose to get married. So is this theory solid or shithouse? Let’s investigate.

On New Year’s Day (what a way to start the year), Tiktoker Tay Talks uploaded the clip titled “the woman was too stunned to speak”. Ironically, she speaks for a whole minute in the video.

In doing so, Tay discusses the idea that “men marry the woman in front of them”. Confused? Me too. But it’ll make sense soon, I promise.


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“Ever since I heard this theory I cannot get it out of my mind,” Tay begins.

I’m hooked already. If being a sucker for a juicy social theory were a crime, I’d be locked up and the key would be thrown halfway to Mykonos.

“Men marry the woman in front of them at the time they are ready to get married.”

Tay chats about how she came across this theory, citing a wedding photographer who popped up on her FYP.

Across the many weddings the photographer had been a part of over the years, they’d observed that the men weren’t marrying their “soulmate or that man’s love of his life”. Brutal but okay.

Rather, blokes would marry the woman they were dating “at the time he was ready to get married and settle down.”

Tay has some thoughts as to why, in this hypothetical, men might make such a decision.

“When a man decides that he is emotionally ready for marriage, ready to settle down and ready to start a family, he takes a way different approach to dating.

“That part in his brain that goes “there’s another girl out there”, shuts off.

“Because now his focus is on marriage, it’s not on finding the next best thing.”

For argument’s sake, let’s go down the rabbit hole for a hot sec and take this theory to its logical conclusion.

Say you’re in a long-term relationship with a bloke and are wondering if he’ll propose to you.

According to this theory, there’s literally nothing you can do to speed up the process since for him, it’s purely a right place, right time type of scenario.

You couldn’t even woo him with a sick triple backflip…

Well, my brain chemistry has been irreversibly altered. How’s yours?