Just Gonna Say It: Putting Plants In Your Dating Profile Is The New ‘Look At My Fish’

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Long gone are the fish pics of old, now we say hello to our new overlords: the plant pics. They’re gender-neutral, they’re green as anything (a gorgeous colour) and they’re all over everyone’s dating profiles. There must be something in the vines.

Everyone and their nonna know that plants are the most innocent thing on this earth. They’re pretty much living breathing green flags, so it’s no surprise that most people put them all over their dating profiles.

Plants just scream “I know how to look after things.” What better way to win people over than by showing them your plant baby. Let the world look at your son!! After all, you did raise him.

According to Hinge, our obsession with putting the word “plants” in our profile and adorning our pics with green is actually very real. The numbers are in folks: we’re all bloody obsessed with charming our future lovers with plants like modern-day Poison Ivys.

Hinge reckons that 59 per cent of users aged 20-29 in Australia mention the word plants in their profile. Folks, that’s more than half of us, what on Earth is going on.

“Mentioning you’re a plant parent – and demonstrating that you can keep those babies alive – is a great way to show you’re responsible and nurturing, and ready to be a great partner,” said the Director of Relationship Science at Hinge, Logan Ury.

“One of the best ways to find a great relationship is to learn to identify red flags and green flags. One green flag that’s become increasingly more popular is having a green thumb!

“This approach is especially popular among young Aussies, with the under 30 crowds most likely to mention plants on their profiles.”

So your sneaking suspicion that plants are fkn everywhere these days is not mistaken at all.

According to Hinge, Brisbane has the most plant-lover profiles, with 65 per cent of their 20-29 userbase including the word “plant” in their profile. Meanwhile Sydney tracks at 59 per cent and Melbourne at 56 per cent.

There’s something to say about this growing trend of leafy babies being everywhere. They make men seem more gentle and caring, which is definitely a feat and a half.

They also open up room for “root” jokes, so maybe they aren’t entirely perfect.