TikTok’s ‘Boyfriend Air’ Theory Has Gone Hyper Viral & The Girlies Are Feeling Validated AF

tiktok's boyfriend air theory has gone viral

Lovers of social theories unite: the “boyfriend air” hypothesis has arrived and is taking TikTok by storm. Thousands of folks have already claimed they feel seen and heard by it, so what exactly is it?

Basically, it’s the idea that whenever you sleep at your boyfriend’s house, you feel less than optimal about your appearance due to several different factors.

Together, these factors amount to a general vibe known as “boyfriend air”.

TikToker Taylor Donoghue‘s video on the topic was one of the first to go batshit viral reaching over 2.7 million views at the time of writing.


I was truly shook to see other ppl also related to this😭💀 #boyfriendair

♬ original sound – Taylordonoghuee

“I am so happy people are now talking about boyfriend air because I actually thought I was going crazy,” the 22-year-old creator begins.

“I spent a lot of time this past summer at my boyfriend’s apartment in New York and I remember taking a full-body shower and waking up the next morning and being like I feel so dirty’.”

Okay firstly, what’s a full-body shower? Is it different to a partial-body shower? When I wash my hands after a poo, am I taking a hand shower?

Much to ponder.

“My hair was getting greasy like crazy, my skin was looking different,” she continues.

“My makeup wasn’t staying on right. I was like what is going on?

“I know [boyfriend air] is a thing because it was only in his apartment that I would feel this way. When he’d come to me it was fine.”

Well consider me shooketh.

So what causes boyfriend air?

According to various TikToks, there could be both environmental and lifestyle reasons.

The environmental aspect has to do with boys living spaces being generally ~dettier~ than those of girls.

We’re talking dusty surfaces, less-than-clean bedding, and a lack of regular air circulation.

Per the boyfriend air theory, these factors accumulate to provide an unsatisfactory setting in which to feel hot.

The second possible explanation for boyfriend air is down to a change in lifestyle according to TikToker Lauren Hung.



♬ original sound – Lauren

“Girls are always in their hot girl era, they’re in their prime. The second they get a boyfriend they turn into a little sewer rat,” she starts.

“I honestly thought it was just like a “me” thing.

“Girls get comfortable with the guy they like, they go to the gym less, they sleep more, they eat more junk food.

“They’re not really taking care of themselves as much. We’re trying less hard to impress and with that we get a little bit lazier.”

Hmmm, not sure that “lazy” is the word but okay??? Nothing wrong with being comfortable.

Lucky it’s just a theory, hey.

Whatever your take, folks sharing before and after pics after a night at their boyfriend’s house makes for hilarious viewing.

Ladies, this is your sign to get him detergent for Valentine’s day.


jumpscare #GetCrackin

♬ original sound – 222


this is just my take yall im sorry though im here for the idea of it lol #boyfriendair

♬ original sound – Madison


♬ Days for Yuo – setiya


my hair was freshly washed 5 hours ago and never greases up like this #GetCrackin #fyp #foryou #fypシ #fy #fypage #foryoupage #foryourpage #fypシ゚viral #viral #greenscreen

♬ Days for Yuo – setiya

So there you have it. I hope we all feel a little bit more enlightened after that. Totally fine if not.

If you’re keen on more juicy social theories, here are a couple more you might froth.

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Another deep dive taught us the sometimes gross & occasionally horny reasons why some couples look alike. It’s a perfect read for folks who are into weird shit (me).

Until the next oddly satisfying and totally unproven social theory, goodbye!

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