The Woman Whose Wild Olaplex Cheating Saga Went Viral Has Admitted She Faked The Whole Thing

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Last week a TikTok user said she found out her boyfriend was cheating on her because she’s allergic to hair treatment Olaplex, and when he came over she broke out in hives.

Imagine! Norti Boy! Right?

Wrong wrong wrong.

Although the video by @gabgleeson_ was viewed over 7 million times – which by any standard is basically viral – she has now revealed the whole thing was fake. Here’s the initial video:


Lmfao wtf is wrong with him FrunktheBeat #cheater #bf #olaplex

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Everyone loves a savage cheating reveal so I understand the commotion. I also use Olaplex so also understand how that really was the cream on top of an already great video.

But in a new video posted by the TikTok user, she can be seen laughing and talking to her boyfriend over food with the caption (which I’ve made grammatically correct for the sake of my own eyes):

“Me telling my boyfriend about the THIRD fake scandal I made about our relationship that I’ve posted on TikTok that has gotten over a million views.”

I know what you’re thinking – how do I know it’s the Olaplex video?

She keeps going.

“He never even knew I made a Olaplex vid whoops. I don’t even know what Olaplex even is lowkey, should I buy it even if my hair isn’t damaged???”


Reply to @briannagrout

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I have a few thoughts:

  • You are lying. You know what Olaplex is.
  • If you didn’t know what Olaplex was, how did you know to mention it in the now-viral TikTok video?
  • Shook that your partner is not watching and commenting one million heart emojis on every piece of content you make.
  • Cute that your hair isn’t damaged. What a treat that must be for you.
  • How did you create the rash?

One TikTok user really hit the nail on the head, though, with this comment on the original video: “I think the real tragedy is that you’re allergic to Olaplex, I’m sorry babe.”

If Married At First Sight taught me anything, it’s that using the word “babe” is condescending 99% of the time.

I have also decided after this story that I’m allergic to TikTok. I hope my 39 followers aren’t too upset by my departure.

Chantelle Schmidt is a freelance writer. You can follow her on IG here.