Zendaya Has Spoken Out About *That* Wild Pregnancy Rumour All Over TikTok

Pregnant Zendaya Instagram post, next to an image of her looking disgusted.

Zendaya has broken her silence and addressed the wild TikTok rumour that she is pregnant with Tom Holland‘s baby. Spoiler alert: she’s not impressed.

If I had a dollar for every viral TikTok video that was taken seriously when it definitely shouldn’t have been, I wouldn’t need a job.

Earlier this week a fan created a prank TikTok video that featured a fake post supposedly from Zendaya’s Instagram.

The doctored screenshot made it appear like Zendaya had posted an ultrasound image of a foetus, captioned: “I love you. Halfway there” followed by a heart emoji and Tom Holland’s username.


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If you watch the video in full it cuts to a GIF of Kris Jenner from the Kardashian’s cringe 2012 Christmas card with the caption: “You just got Krissed”.

If you haven’t come across this trend before, it’s basically the Gen Z rendition of Rickrolling but with wild, totally untrue headlines and it’s everywhere right now.

The TikTok prank spread like wild-fire and once it reached Twitter, #ZendayaPregnant started trending.

Of course, those who hadn’t seen the TikTok and only saw the hashtag then thought Zendaya was actually pregnant, and it all spiralled out of control from there.

Well, Zendaya has addressed the rumours with what sounds like a verbal eye-roll.

“See now, this is why I stay off Twitter,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

“Just making stuff up for no reason… weekly.”

Zendaya comments on pregnant rumours.
Image: Instagram @zendaya

To be fair, the rumour didn’t originate on Twitter… though that’s certainly where people stopped treating it like a prank and started to circulate it like the fake news it is.

Zendaya isn’t the first, and certainly not the last, celebrity to have to deal with fake pregnancy rumours. At this point it’s like a rite of passage, honestly. Leave successful women alone and stop making everthing about their reproductive clock challenge.