The Internet Is Obsessing Over Italian Boyfriend, The Suss Hottie Dubbed The Next Couch Guy

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Mamma mia! Just when you thought the internet was finished obsessing over the relationships of strangers, a brand new video emerges and everyone becomes Sherlock Holmes. Move over Couch Guy, it’s time to say ciao to Italian Boyfriend.

Get your eyeballs ready folks because I’m about to show you some extremely suss activity captured on video. If you thought Couch Guy was hiding something, you’ll definitely think Italian Boyfriend is too.

TikTok user Leila Licina (@leilalicina) posted a video to her account in which she surprised her boyfriend at his home in Italy.

However, when he walks out and sees her, he immediately starts yelling at his “mama”. He spends quite a bit of time talking to this unseen person and then proceeds to be shocked at the front of the house afterwards.

All the while Licina is stuck behind the gate and hasn’t been let in yet. It takes her ages to even get a hug. Much to think about.

You can see the suss video below:


Pure shock #fyp

♬ suono originale – leilalicina

“This video started off so exciting, hopeful and happy and then took a dark turn! By the end, it seemed he didn’t want her there!” read one comment.

“Does he know he is your boyfriend?” read a second comment.

“It’s not a good sign… I’m Italian,” read a third.

Other commenters noticed how for all the commotion that was made from the boyfriend, his mother who he was yelling for never showed up.

This led folks to believe that a secret Tuscan girlfriend was escaping through the back door draped in nothing but fresh white sheets.

“Isn’t it odd that the mum didn’t come running out after all that commotion?” wrote one sceptical TikTok user.

“She probably wanted to get ready to be presentable, my mum doesn’t come out right away sometimes either,” another user responded.

“All of us American women thinking he had another girl in the house says everything,” wrote another user.

To quash all the speculation, Licina dropped a follow-up video featuring Italian Boyfriend’s mum and an actual hug.


Watch part one first #fyp

♬ suono originale – leilalicina

Unfortunately, the internet is still not convinced that Italian Boyfriend is innocent.

My nonna would hasten everyone into the house immediately and have an entire lasagna on a plate for them if they showed up unannounced. What’s all this hanging around outside about?

Personally if I caught my boyfriend even looking a little suss on video I wouldn’t ever post it. The internet goes ravenous when they see even a hint of peculiar behaviour.