Who Is Darth Maul Girl: TikTok’s Latest Scandal That’s Been Dubbed The New Couch Guy

Another day has passed and with it another wild TikTok drama akin to 2021’s infamous Couch Guy. Introducing the new internet scandal, which has been coined the “Work Wife Saga” or “Darth Maul Girl” drama.

All this chaos started when TikTok user @whismic posted a single video to her page, as all online dramas do. In the video, @whismic hoped to surprise her boyfriend by picking him up from work with Darth Maul makeup on. Seems simple enough.

Her boyfriend had other plans, however, and told Miss Darth Maul that he promised his work girlfriend a lift home even though she lives close by.

Obviously, you’d be pretty pissed if you were meeting your partner’s work friends for the first time in fucked up make-up. The only difference is you wouldn’t put that awkward altercation online for everyone to see. Miss Maul did.

After witnessing the messy situation, which now has over 16M views, everyone automatically assumed that he was cheating on her.

Have a look at the interaction for yourself and make up your own mind — everyone is hyper-analysing to death so you may as well see what all the craze is about.



“He reminds me of my ex that had a work wife and introduced us. He was cheating with her and just as chatty as this guy. I’m sure he’s different tho,” wrote one TikTok commenter.

“So he didn’t ask beforehand, put the decision on you, AND opened the door for her? No. It’s a no for me,” wrote another.

Unfortunately, just like with Couch Guy, Darth Maul Girl has had to make several videos defending herself and her relationship to online detectives.


She even went online to reveal that she’s autistic, which she says may make her seem more “abrasive” than she is.


The plot thickened however when @whismic revealed that her boyfriend’s “work wife” cooks meals for him all the time, which she also gets to enjoy.

TikToker Courtnee Futch dubbed the whole drama “#SweetPotatoPieGate” after @whismic revealed her boyfriend received a freshly baked pie from his work friend.


AND the girl gives @whismic gifts.

It’s sparked a wild conversation online about whether or not things like this are normal for work friends to do.

“At first I didn’t think anything but with the gifts and the food and kindness I’m starting to get sus,” wrote one comment.

“I don’t cook anything for my coworkers and I’ve known them for 10 years,” wrote another.


Whether the man is cheating on his girlfriend or not, we’ve seen this kind of internet obsession before and it’s completely harmful.

Couch Guy himself touched on what it was like being investigated to extreme lengths by online detectives in an article for Slate.

“While the Couch Guy meme was lighthearted on its surface, it turned menacing as TikTok users obsessively invaded the lives of Lauren, our friends, and me — people with no previous desire for internet fame, let alone infamy,” he wrote.

“During my tenure as Couch Guy, I was the subject of frame-by-frame body language analyses, armchair diagnoses of psychopathy, comparisons to convicted murderers, and general discussions about my ‘bad vibes’.

“As internet sleuths took to public online forums to sniff out my name, birth date, and place of residence, the threat of doxxing loomed over my head.”


Have we not learnt anything from the past? We can watch the video, speculate and enjoy — but things become a bit too personal when folks online are messaging a woman directly about the nature of her own relationship.

Let’s all go touch grass, please.