“At Least Three” Star Wars Spin-Offs Confirmed

An exec at Disney has announced we’ll be seeing more than just the previously announced three Star Wars sequel trilogy films in the years to come.

At a shareholders meeting, CEO Bob Iger announced there’ll also be “at least three” spin-off films joining the Star Wars universe.

The spin-offs will be released in between the films of the sequel trilogy, and according to Disney’s chief financial officer Jay Rasulo they’ll be “origin story films” which will focus on key Star Wars characters – similar to how the company’s used standalone Iron Man, Thor and Captain America movies to build The Avengers universe.

It’s already hotly rumoured that two of the spin-offs will focus on Boba Fett and Han Solo. Fan speculation on the focus of the third puts Yoda and Darth Maul in pole position. Bizarrely, almost no one’s clamouring for a film focusing on the history and culture of the Gungans of Naboo and particularly Gungan hero and excellent character Jar Jar Binks. Star Wars fans: unpredictable.

Image via Mark Mainz for Getty Images Entertainment