This TikToker Caught Her BF Cheating Bc She Saw His Fave Meal In A Random Woman’s Brunch Photo

A TikTok of a woman recounting how she caught her boyfriend cheating when she recognise his thumb and favourite brunch order in another girl's instagram post.

A woman figured out her boyfriend was cheating on her because of an incredibly obscure detail in an Instagram post and wow, this is truly the kind of content I need in my life.

There’s nothing I love more than messy TikToks about women detailing their Sherlockian abilities to detect cheaters. Cast those senses across social media planes like the clairvoyant you are, sis! I’ve never rooted for a group of people more. Gossip? On my TikTok feed? It’s more likely than you think.

So of course, I must share this wild tale of a woman catching her boyfriend cheating by spotting a specific omelette dish (??) in another woman’s IG post. Trust me, it makes sense.

Jedda (@jeddamindtricks) posted a video on TikTok saying she caught her boyfriend cheating when she saw his thumb and favourite breakfast order (juice, coffee, an omelette and cinnamon swirl toast) in the Instagram post of another woman.

“When you catch your bf cheating [because] you recognised his breakfast order and thumb in another girl’s IG post,” she captioned the video.


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♬ omg she may be insane – Troy

At first I laughed, but then I thought about it and I absolutely would recognise one of my boyfriend’s digits in a random person’s photos. Maybe we’re soulmates or maybe I’m a little unhinged but I know in my heart of hearts that I would recognise even the smallest glimpse of him, whatever the distance.

Jedda ended up revealing how she came to this conclusion in the TikTok’s comment section.

She suspected her boyfriend was cheating when he starting acting “suss” (perceive that how you will) and went away with friends. So, like anyone on MessyTok, she… stalked his Instagram followers. In this case, the ends justify the means?

Eventually, she found the other woman’s Instagram and recognised her boyfriend’s thumb and brekkie. She then reached out to her and they realised they were both being lied to.

“Neither of us knew the other existed and each got a different excuse when we confronted him after I found the pics and messaged her,” Jedda wrote online.

“I’m not sure if she’s still with him but I went no contact straight away (after much gaslighting) and he still maintains he didn’t cheat.

“It all only happened like a week ago but when her and I compared what we knew I realised he’s been cheating on me almost the entire 2.5 years.”

Honestly, the audacity of some people… But hey, at least this is a great story for Jedda to tell at parties.

Other women in the comments shared their own stories of how they caught their boyfriends cheating, from random pics of one (1) foot at the beach, to seeing his shadow in another woman’s selfie.

Men, be afraid of those detective skills. Very afraid.