RIP To This Woman Who Found Out Her Man Was Cheating Via Another Woman’s GRWM TikTok

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The TikTok algorithm’s ability to bring you content tailored specifically to you is unmatched. Just ask this woman, who opened the app only to be shown a video of a girl getting ready for a date… with the guy she was ALSO dating. Cheating on this app is impossible and I live for it.

TikToker Liesel (@lifeoflees) posted a video about scrolling through her FYP when she received the shock of her life.

“[When you come] across a TikTok of a girl getting ready for a dinner at a guy’s house… and it was the guy you had been seeing for five months,” she captioned the video.


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Of course, because this is TikTok where people love mess, Liesel elaborated in a part two video and told her story.

She said that the saga happened more than a year ago, but basically she was dating a guy over a series of months who she wasn’t officially exclusive with.

However, since he was with her three to four days a week, she assumed he wasn’t dating anyone else (“When does he have the time?”) and was under the impression they would become boyfriend/girlfriend.

Then it happened.

“I’m on my trusty FYP and this video pops up and she’s in his kitchen,” Liesel said.

“I was like wow, that’s familiar.”


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“To make matters worse, there were multiple videos to confirm they had been hanging out the entire time,” she continued.

“On the nights I had to study, had a late night, had an exam, just all that kind of stuff.

“He was essentially just hopping between our apartments.”

If this wasn’t already delicious devastating enough, the woman in the GRWM video has since identified herself as Sophia (@sophloafy) and posted a response to Liesel where she spilled alllllll the tea.


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“It was like January 2021, I matched with this guy on Hinge … and then he asked me out,” Sophia recalled.

She said the two dated as normal for a couple of months and while they “were never official”, she thought that’s where the relationship was headed since they were staying at each other’s apartments and meeting each other’s friends.

“You know, as any girl would think, if you’re seeing a guy consistently for a while, you guys would probably be exclusive,” she said.

“Little did I not know that he was seeing someone else this entire time.”

Sophia said the relationship fizzled after the man left the country to work in remote Mexico. But get this: during their last night together, the two shared a tearful goodbye before he said he was going to his dad’s, who he claimed would drive him to the airport.

He actually went home to Liesel, and the two shared a romantic evening together before she drove him to the airport.

Both women said they tried to continue dating after he left and asked to visit him. Things broke off with Liesel after he ghosted her, meanwhile things ended with Sophia when he randomly started dating a new woman.


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Honestly, this entire situation would destroy my trust forever: but hey, at least Sophia and Liesel both made a new friend out of it?