Pls Enjoy The Riveting Saga Of This Woman Catching Her BF Cheating Via Cruise Ship Security Cam

cruise camera cheating boyfriend saga on tiktok

A cosplayer has gone viral on TikTok after she claimed she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her live on a cruise camera — and then shared the footage. Now THIS is the content I need in my life.

TikToker Kayla Gardner (@kayla.nicole.g) uploaded a video to the app captioned “how to catch a cheater on a cruise ship”, where she recalled discovering her partner flirting with someone else via the cruise’s live camera.

“The most gut-wrenching, heart-racing moment is when you go on a cruise and your man says he’s hungry so he’s going to get some food,” she began.

“You stay behind at the cabin, to get ready with your friend, and she’s flipping through the TV when she comes to the channel that is showing you what’s happening live on each deck of the ship.

“And she notices your man not getting food, but getting another woman’s number. Flirting with her, putting his arm around her.”


congrats, i know

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She said her friend recorded “the whole thing” for proof so they could confront the boyfriend, and then to my delight, she shared footage of the exact moment.

Brace yourself because it’s wild.

In a video that racked up 10 million views in 48 hours, Kayla can be seen standing next to a TV crying out “Who is she?!” and “It look’s just like him!” while a man on screen chats up a woman.

She and her friend shout and yell in denial as he puts an arm around her. The blood-curdling screams are relatable AF.


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In a follow up video, Kayla revealed she actually ran off to confront him right then and there — with footage of herself contacting the rest of her group of friends on a walkie talkie with code “911”.

Side note, but get yourself a group of friends that have walkie talkies to signal danger. It’s giving Stranger Things.


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If you’re wondering how it all ended, that remains a mystery — though judging from Kayla’s next video, it certainly looks like it didn’t end well for her (presumably now ex) boyfriend.

Is the implication here that they… pushed him overboard?

Nominate this for outstanding limited series at the Emmys.


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♬ I Got 5 On It – Tethered Mix from US – Michael Abels & Luniz

Good for her, tbh.

Also, I feel like it’s worth mentioning we should take this all with a grain of salt — this is TikTok after all, where people are always chasing that viral moment. There’s a good chance it’s all staged.

I sincerely hope not though, because I haven’t had this level of entertainment in months! It’s giving that Couch Guy vibe. Get him queen!!