This Twitter Thread Remembering The Dumbest Shit Trump Did In The Last 4 Years Is A Howler

Outgoing US President Donald Trump is a deeply disturbed man. That’s to say nothing of his actual policies and political ineptitude, which has borne unthinkable violence, poverty and disease across the country.

But this article is not focusing on those policies. We’re here to reminisce about all the deeply weird shit the man tried to pull off while in office.

Now, a Twitter thread by an American journo has collated all of those cooked moments just so that we don’t have to question our sanity by trying to remember them ourselves.

Sit back, relax and stare directly into a solar eclipse enjoy the meme-ories.

Who could forget when Trump greeted the champion collage football team, the Clemson Tigers, at the White House with a literal banquet of Macca’s meals, still in the packaging.

There he stood, behind his mountains of burgers, grinning proudly like a 12-year-old boy flexing about all the Slurpees he’s drank in a single day.

This partially due to Trump’s personal taste, and partially due to his administration being so woefully hopeless that the government was forced to shut down and there were no kitchen staff at the White House at the ready.

How about when Trump made an official visit to Saudi Arabia?

While there he engaged in all sorts of local traditions, including harnessing the energy of an ominous, glowing orb alongside Saudi King Salman and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sissi.

Very normal. Nothing to see here.

What would you do when greeting people who had lost everything in a terrible hurricane in the Carribean?

Throw paper towels into the crowd like a rockstar, of course.

Then there’s the issue of Trump’s handshake and handholding habits.

Seriously, who the fuck taught the man how to touch hands with other human beings.

Then, when a North Korean general attempted to actually shake the mans hand properly, Trump immediately saluted for some unexplained and likey-treasonous reason.

It’s not just handshakes, either.

The man was seriously out of his depth when it came to engaging cordially with fellow world leaders.

How about the time Trump became a shill for Goya beans, simply because the company’s CEO Robert Unanue kissed Trump’s ass a week earlier.

That perhaps made him the first president to take on the duties of a food influencer.

Even the President of the most powerful nation in the world, a squillionaire in his own right, has the failings of a common man.

By that I mean Trump trod in bog roll and walked around with it stuck to his shoe for a  bit.

Sometimes the awkward moments aren’t entirely his fault, like when one of his aides set him up with this kindergarten-esque desk for a photo op.

That said, his whole physical demeanor doesn’t make the situation any less funny, so it’s also partially his fault.

Look at those lips.

I wonder what his puckered sphincter looks like?

Perhaps the moment that best encapsulated his me-first attitude above all else – including above his own wife and son – was when he clutched an umbrella while everyone else presumably got rained on.

And then look what he did with it when he was done. Does he know you can fold umbrellas?

Some of Trumps fans hold him in the same esteem as Jesus Christ himself.

It’s no surprise, then, that Trump was found signing Bibles like some kind of Nazarene socialite.

One word: posture.

Here’s another case of Trump becoming a walking gaffe while visiting world leaders.

Look at Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe struggling to hold in his laughter and bafflement as Trump dumps an entire box of fish food in a koi pond in one go.

Not gonna lie, this was actually a fun moment.

I’m happy for him in the same way I’m happy when the local fire brigade let a child sit in the passenger see so their mum/dad can take a photo to sent to their grandparents.

Trump getting COVID-19 was the chaotic crossover we didn’t need last year.

And yet, that’s exactly what we got.

Of fucking course it included him refusing to keep a mask on at all times.

In fact, his whole handling of the Chinese virus coronavirus pandemic would be hilariously awkward, if it wasn’t also racist, disastrous and, sadly, ongoing.

Remember when he repeatedly thought he could pull the wool over our eyes with his dumb photo ops?

We do.

We leave you with this:

You can scroll through the entire Twitter thread with even more awkward moments here.

God bless America.