The unstumpable Donald Trump has continued his typically petulant trudge to become the Republican nominee in next year’s Presidential Election by starting an ill-advised Twitter beef with British comedian and TV show host John Oliver

The comment came after the unlikely journalistic hero Oliver said he wasn’t interested in having Trump appear on his decidedly not-boring show Last Week Tonight. 

“There’s a lot of absurd public policies to shine a light on… things that have not been covered too much,” Oliver told CBS This Morning. 

“[Trump’s] said everything he has to say.”

“He’s an open book. That book doesn’t have that many interesting words in it. It’s not like you’re going to find the secret nugget he has been holding back.”

Oliver and the show have made a name for themselves by weaving typically dry issues like infrastructure maintenancescammy televangelists and, uh, Tony Abbott, with some razor-sharp satirical insight. His pyrotechnics-laden take-down of a controversial FIFA exec demonstrated his inability take any shit

Simply put, this does not bode well for Señor Trump.

Donald Trump Foolishly Takes On John Oliver In Presidential Twitter Beef

Trump has exhibited precisely zero chill towards the press during his run for the Oval Office; a spat with the typically-conservative Fox News lead to the real-estate mogul boycotting his future appearances on the network. Basically, we’re waiting with bated breath for this one to escalate too. 

In the meantime, relive the time Oliver took on trans* rights below:

Story via The Hollywood Reporter.
Image: Frederick M. Brown via Getty; Twitter.