Fuck It: Here Are The Best Tweets About Trump Getting Coronavirus

October just stepped TF up and gave us a lil’ treat and that is that US President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have been diagnosed with COVID-19.

Trump announced his COVID-19 diagnosis in a tweet just a short time ago, and Twitter has undoubtedly popped off.

To give you an idea of how much people are freaking out over President Trumps diagnosis, these are all the trending hashtags on Twitter right now: #TrumpHasCovid, #Melania, #TrumpCovid, #Hydroxychloroquine, #FLOTUS, #POTUS, #There Is A God #Octobersurprise, #Bleach, #HOAX and #China Virus.

Donald Trumps constant downplaying of the virus is the reason why hashtags like #Hoax and #There Is A God is trending, because people can’t help but laugh at the hypocrisy of Trump saying COVID is a hoax and then actually getting the virus. You can’t make this stuff up, seriously.

Even at the Presidential debate, Trump took took a jab at Joe Biden for wearing a mask. HA.







As much as I wish this image was real, it’s unfortunately fake and didn’t actually didn’t feature in an episode of The Simpsons. 




The replies under Trumps tweet are just as cooked, if not more.

I don’t know what the text means, but I’m sure it’s something along the lines of “hahahahahhahahahahaah fuck”.

UPDATE: the text is in Amharic and is a copypasta used to derail the replies section, it reads: “Your family will spill the blood because of the actions you took. They feel eternal pain for your actions,” according to Mashable.

“Tears that flow from me will also change, and the pain they feel will be unbearable. You will soon be alone.”

In normal circumstances a COVID-19 diagnosis would be horrible and deserving of public sympathy. However, in Donald Trumps case, I think it’s fair that we can all have a laugh about it.