Well, today’s effort at ramming through his gutting of healthcare didn’t go so well, so Trump is mounting the kind of mature response we expect from a leader: he’s sitting in a truck in the White House driveway and pretending to drive it. The evidence that he is in fact a huge, misshapen toddler is mounting, folks.

The pics of the event are… truly, truly something:

I mean, bouncing around in the seat of a truck like an excited eight year old and going beep beep is extremely strong evidence that Trump loves trucks. But in case you aren’t fully convinced that this big boy loves his trucks, I direct your gaze to Exhibit B: the fact that he is wearing a button that literally says ‘I <3 Trucks’

Wait a minute… enhance… enhance…

My God. My God. This big boy loves his big boy trucks.

Of course, it took somewhere in the vicinity of three seconds for the internet to go wild over Trump being 10 years old in the cabin of a truck:

Again, Donald, your healthcare bill is currently collapsing.

Source: Twitter.

Photo: AFP.