A Pissed-Off US Govt Staffer Edited The Official State Website To End Trump’s Presidency Early

The official US State Department website briefly said that President Donald Trump‘s time in office ended on Monday, after a pissed-off employee reportedly fiddled around with Trump’s digital biography.

BuzzFeed News reports the public State Department page declared “Donald J. Trump’s term ended on 2021-01-11 19:49:00”, despite his stint in office officially coming to an end on January 20.

The timestamp, and which changed with every page reset, caused a scene online Tuesday morning. Fuck-ups on official government portals are still a big deal, and the incident caused a miniature crisis among political wonks, reporters, and folks who just want Trump to disappear:

As of Tuesday morning, Trump’s page returns a 404 message.

via US Department of State

BuzzFeed News later reported the edit, and a similar tweak to Vice President Mike Pence‘s page, was caused by a State Department employee.

No hacks. No glitches. Just a seriously fed up functionary expressing their disapproval of Trump, according to two unnamed diplomats who spoke to the outlet.



One of the officials added that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is looking into the fuck-up, and will likely start the manhunt by interviewing low-level employees who are leaving the State Department before President-elect Joe Biden takes over.

The incident mirrors Trump’s short-lived removal from Twitter in 2017, when a similarly spiteful employee decided to pull the plug on his account.

Twitter recently made the decision to permanently and officially ban Trump from the platform.

Given the fact Trump will be turfed out of the Oval Office in the near future (unless there’s another, more successful siege of the US Capitol…), it seems the sneaky State Department amendment could have waited.

Regardless, it did give his detractors a brief window into a world where Trump is no longer the POTUS. Catch you later this month, we guess.