Trump Loses His Mind At Department Store For Ditching Ivanka’s Brand

By this point, we’ve basically settled into the knowledge that a good chunk of Donald Trump‘s presidency will be him losing his mind over minor perceived slights and hits on his brand reputation. Maybe Trump fans like it, I dunno, but it’s kinda embarrassing.

His latest target is department store chain Nordstrom, who said last week that they were axing Ivanka Trump‘s brand thanks to poor sales. Whether it’s naturally poor sales or the fact that the chain has been slammed by a boycott of Trump-related brands and products isn’t quite clear.
Either way, Trump is pissed.

A cynic might say that this looks like someone using the presidential pulpit to beat down opposition to his family’s business interests. You know. A crazy idea like that.

“It’s never great to have these questions about dual allegiance,” said Jordan Libowitz, comms director for Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. “But certainly we’ve never seen before a president using the power of the presidency to pressure businesses for the obvious benefit of his family.”

The best bit is that he wanted to make it crystal clear that this is a huge conflict of interest, by retweeting the original tweet from the official POTUS Twitter account. Just in case there was any confusion that he wasn’t just speaking in his very limited capacity as a private citizen. 
Thanks Donald!
Source: Twitter.