Trump’s Twitter Account Was Deleted By An Employee On Their Last Day

THIS IS THE FUCKEN BEST. Earlier today the internet sent itself into a flurry of furrowed eyebrows after US President Donald Trump‘s incessantly active Twitter profile vanished from the internet for a grand total of about 11 minutes.

The theories came in thick and fast: A glitch? A Government crackdown? An FBI investigation about to break the world in twain?

The real reason is so, so, so much better.

Twitter has confirmed that the account, @realDonaldTrump, was deliberately deactivated by a Twitter employee who was on their last day at the company.


Some legend. Some champion. Some absolute fucken hero has, on their last day as an employee of Twitter, mic dropped out of the job by deactivating President Donald Trump’s account.

This is unbelievable. Sure, we’ve all thought about tossing a match on the bridge on the way out of a shit job, but this unnamed Patron Saint of the underpaid and overworked hasn’t just burned the bridge, they’ve pissed on the ashes and tossed a hive full of het-up bees onto the other side.

Last day. Deleted the President’s Twitter account. Peaced the fuck outta there.

Imagine transitioning straight from doing that to slamming back the mother of all frothies immediately after.

No beer, anywhere in the world, will ever taste as good as the one that unnamed person is having right now.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, cheers. Absolutely fucken cheers.